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How Does Drinking Milk Affect Your Body?

The feeling of having a cold cup of milk is always fascinating. Sometimes, we drink milk in our coffee or cereal without paying any attention to the fact that it’s actually milk we are drinking. So, what impact does the milk we drink have in our bodies?

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Stomach Troubles

There is no doubt that milk is pretty delicious, especially when you feel the thirst of that cold glass of it. However, it must be surprising that drinking milk can still not be ideal for you. According to studies, milk can have our tummies struggling to keep up. In milk are found both good and bad bacteria which can affect our stomachs severely. When this happens, the effects extend to our brains, causing the body to begin developing migraines. In addition, dairy troubles can result in problems such as severe bloat.

Acne Problems

Unfortunately, there is also a likely relationship between acne and too much consumption of milk. Known for having inflammatory properties, milk is pretty much like some other food types we take into our bodies that eventually show themselves via our skin in one way or another. Studies reveal that ingesting too much milk could lead to inflammation of our skin. Unfortunately, it is in acne form that it manifests.

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Great Source of Protein

Apart from being a delicious alternative drink to all other nice drinks out there, cow milk is also a great source of the protein we all need so much. Milk can give us up to one ounce of protein through each ounce of milk we drink. That’s pretty impressive a quantity, but we always want to grab a glass and consume even more.

Benefits of Calcium

Right from our childhood, we learned never to forget that drinking milk means taking in the much-needed calcium our bodies need. What’s the calcium for? Of course, to have healthy bones as well as teeth! Apart from milk, other foods also are a source of calcium, but the difference is that drinking milk for calcium is the easiest means of having it. For example, a glass of milk contains as much calcium as 10 cups of spinach.

Cutting Weight

According to research suggestions, taking a glass of milk every day could help people to cut weight or burn fat. That is something we have never known to be possible. From what the expert says, it happens that way, thanks to the nutritional benefits of milk that come from calcium and protein and assist our bodies to be able to shed the weight. According that same research, women that consume milk daily are far more unlikely to lose weight than women who don’t.

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Fighting Illnesses

Milk also has the capability to arm your body to fight away a number of infections. When it comes to the likes of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, milk does a great job of limiting them, meaning that their infection rates would have reduced tremendously if people consumed more milk. However, in the same study, dairy products like cheese and yogurt proved to be beneficial, meaning that more taking variations of milk look to make more sense.


Whether you are consuming milk by sipping it from a glass or having it added to your breakfast meal, the thing is, milk consists of a wide range of benefits despite having some downsides.

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